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Social Media Volunteer

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Spend most of your time online?
Are you a natural in creating content?

Want to use your powers to help
the community?

We're looking for a few new volunteers who have experience on various social media platforms. 

Help create images, memes, and posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Be part of a team to create short videos or blog posts on books and movies important to the community.  Keep the community up-to-date on news, laws, and issues that are important to us all.

This position is flexible based on your time and availability. 

We are seeking volunteers who can help build and grow our social media presence, create compelling content, and engage with the public in meaningful ways.

This is a completely remote volunteer position.  Volunteer positions are flexible, but we’re looking for volunteers who are reliable and committed to creating a schedule that can work for both themselves and us.  We’re looking for volunteers who can commit to a year of service. (Though we’d love it if you wanted to stay longer!)

Social Media volunteers must have internet access and be at least 18 years old.  Volunteer qualifications can include (but are not required to have all): Experience with creating an active media presence, knowledge of the LGBTQIA+ community, writing skills, and creating graphics (through Adobe, Canva, etc).  Volunteers must also have a willingness to learn and grow.

Our programs at the LGBT National Help Center provide vital support to those who are the most vulnerable in our community.  Your help getting the word out of our important work can help ensure that those who need us can find us and engage.


This position will work with the Executive Director and receive their approval before posting any items.


Thank you!

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