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Enjoy looking for information? Seeking out ways to help inform and connect the community?

We could use your detective skills in helping to maintain and grow our LGBTQIA+ resource database.

We're currently seeking:
- In-person resource volunteers in Claremont, NH
- Must be at least 18 years old.
- Can commit to at least 6 months of volunteering each week for at least two hours.
One of our key programs that is utilized by our support volunteers and other support non profits is our expansive LGBTQIA+ resource database.  We have over 18,000 LGBTQIA+ resources that offer connections to the community and for additional support.  The database run the range from social and support groups, to LGBTQ affirming doctors and lawyers, queer run businesses, crisis prevention, gender affirming therapist and so much more.  If it’s LGBTQIA+ or focused we attempt to have it in the database. 
Because it’s constantly being used by our peer support volunteers and other social work organizations there is a need to keep the records up to date and to hunt for new resources we don’t have listed yet.
That is where you can come in.  We need support maintaining this vital community resource.  Resource volunteer will use their researching sleuthing skills, along with making direct calls when needed to sure that the information we have is still correct.  Using those same skills volunteers will also help to find new resources to add to the ever growing database. 
You will play an incredibly important role in maintaining the integrity of these resources we provide to the community every day.  Much of our updating will require being online and you’ll need to use your internet “know how’ to find current information.  You’ll also be contacting resources directly by phone or email when needed.   

Helpful skills:
-basic computer skills
-ability to navigate the web
-comfortable making out going calls with a friendly demeanor 

You will be training in specifics, so even if you don't have official experience in data entry and research we can use your help!

This volunteer position isn’t for everyone, it requires a lot of detective work, but it can also be very rewarding.  Not only will you be helping us, and those who reach out for support, but this can be a way for you to expand your knowledge on the many aspects of our amazing LGBTQIA+ community.

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