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Feb 2023:
Currently we have a training session open for Fridays 3 - 5 pm pacific.  If availble to train at that time, please list it as an available time on the application. Thank you!

Hotline Support Volunteer

Please read all before filling out an application
Are you caring?
Are you are good listener?
Do you want to be able to help the community nationwide? 

If so, we would love to
hear from you!

Volunteering can be tremendously rewarding.  It can be a way to give back and help 

the next person who is still struggling to come into their own.  It can allow for insight

on how others in the LGBTQIA+ community are living.  It can be a

way to learn about the many different programs

and organizations that serve our community.


Volunteering with us can be a big commitment of your time and energy,

and it’s important that you can honor that commitment.

Peer support volunteers must be able to make a minimum commitment of 3 consecutive

hours a week, the same time each week, for at least twelve months after training is complete.

All of our volunteer positions are remote and all volunteers must at least 18 years old.

Peer-support volunteers must identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Volunteers must be very good listeners and non-judgmental, must be able to keep their opinions to themselves, and should be comfortable talking with a wide range of callers about difficult issues.

Peer-support volunteers are the backbone of our support system and answer calls from all over the US and Canada. 

Online chats can come from anywhere in the world.

​The LGBT National Help Center operates several national hotlines: the LGBT National Hotline, the Coming Out Support Hotline, the Youth Talkline, and the Senior Hotline.  In addition we also operate the LGBT Switchboard of New York, our founding hotline started in 1972.  Volunteers answer calls on all of these hotlines as well as our online peer support chat.  


Because our volunteer positions are remote,  volunteers need to have  an  up-to-date computer with reliable high-speed internet. 

Volunteers must have a quiet, private space to answer calls and chats. 

Volunteers cannot use a smartphone or tablet.

Also, your computer must be able to run Google Chrome version 75 or higher.  

Those using Macs need to have an operating system of Sierra or higher.


If you are selected as a peer-support volunteer, we want to stress the importance of feeling highly confident that you can honor your commitment of being available for your scheduled hotline shift (with the exception of illness or vacation).  Some volunteer opportunities lend themselves to great flexibility.  


This is NOT the case with this type of work, since volunteers are answering a crisis hotline, and if someone doesn't show up for their shift, the phones can go unanswered.  So please, give careful thought to your schedule to make sure you feel comfortable with making this one year commitment.  

Peer-support volunteers go through a training program that consists of several components:

-Completing the application and shift availability form below

-Phone conversation and  interview.  This will be a chance to get to know us, and for us to get to know you.  We'll be able to answer questions you may have and give you a chance to answer a sample (not real) call.  

-Complete a multi-part online study course

-Complete seven training shifts where you will work with

an experienced peer-support trainer (one 2-hour shift for seven weeks)


-We are not mandated reporters. Potential volunteers who do identify as mandated reporters in their professional careers must understand that cannot act in that capacity while volunteering with us. We understand that some professions do not allow for that.  If that is the case for you, this type of volunteering isn’t going to be the right fit.  If you identify as a mandated reporter and are not sure if you are able to legally remove those restrictions from yourself, you may need to contact a lawyer or employer before continuing on with this application.

We realize there are many volunteering opportunities out there, and we want to thank you for your interest in volunteering with us.  Again, take a moment to think about the requirements and the availability of your schedule.  

If you wish to continue, please fill out the application form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.


(contact information in application will not be shared with any third parities)

Peer-Support Volunteer Application

* = required field

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