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Book List

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Below is a list of some books that can be useful and enjoyable.  If you are looking to purchase a physical book, you may click on the visual image of that book. We receive a small donation for some books purchased through these links. To check out our full affiliated book list, click here.

Many titles are available through libraries/interlibrary loans either as physical books or audiobooks, so we encourage you to check with your local library. 

Some books (such as literature from PFLAG) may only appear as a link in the written book list.

This is not a complete list of all LGBTQIA+ books by any means, as new books are being published all the time and older books may become less relevant.  Some books might only be available as physical copies while some might have ebook or audiobook options (we have no control over what books are published as audio). 

Top Booklit

Do to availability at our affiliate bookseller not all book images/links may all appear in our lists.  So the text list below the images may have more listings that do not have an image/link.

If you have a suggestion for a book, feel free to contact us at
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